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Document Management System

For all its projects ZEON Engineering adopts dedicated IT tools that fulfill the highest principles of Quality Assurance as well as to the traceability of documents.

This system is in the cloud, allowing the real-time access by all the different project stakeholders to the relevant documents of the project (design drawings, reports and other design documentation, tender and contract documentation, instructions and approvals, design changes, templates, standards, official exchanged communications, site instructions, or payment certificates.

All relevant stakeholders are provided with a password, which allows them to access files and to transmit further project documentation. This is regulated by access levels and privileges that are assigned to each user based on his/her role in the project

All project documentation is made available through categories for an easy browsing. This way all pertinent stakeholders are informed in real time of any development in the project, wherever they are. As an example, they can even monitor the development of the works through the photo-gallery chronologically organized.

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